Children and Dogs: A Mutually Beneficial Relationship


There isn’t much cuter than walking into a room to find your tuckered-out child snuggling with your fluffy four-legged friend. These scenes make for heart-melting moments and frame-worthy photos, but did you know children and dogs are also actually good for one another? 

Allergies and Health 

Worried about your household pet bringing germs into your house? Fear not, studies show that babies raised in homes with pets get sick less often in their first year of life than those in pet-free households. Your pet does bring dust mites and bacteria into the home, but this early exposure is beneficial – having your little one introduced to allergens early on helps them build up a strong immune system. Toddlers and children growing up in homes with dogs also have fewer allergies and lower rates of asthma. 

Teaching Responsibility 

Giving your child tasks like feeding the dog and making sure he isn’t thirsty helps your child develop accountability at a young age. Include your kids in the caring and upkeep of the family pet and you’ll create a responsible little tyke with an early understanding of empathy and commitment.  

Happy Pet, Happy Kid 

Your pup most likely loves the constant attention and companionship that your child provides. Dogs are social creatures, so having someone in the house who loves to play will make for a very happy and fulfilled dog. On the flip side, ‘man’s best friend’ is just that – a source of unconditional friendship for your child. 

Active Living 

Both your dog and your child need to be active in order to be healthy, happy and sleep through the night. While parents are busy working and running the household, letting your toddler play in the yard with the dog helps tire them both out. Families with dogs have been shown to be more active on a daily basis that those without. 

The teachers at Learning Tree childcare centre Silverdale love hearing about young one’s loving relationships with family pets! 

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