The Countdown is On - Ways to Enjoy the Christmas Season


Once we reach November, the days seem to melt away and suddenly, in a blink, Christmas Day has arrived. The festive season can be frenzied for parents who are busy trying to juggle the kids, work deadlines and family commitments, but for our wee ones, this time of year is magical.

If you’re struggling to balance your stress with your child’s excitement, you’re not alone. Luckily, our Silverdale childcare team at Learning Tree has put together some simple ways to enjoy the holiday season with the kiddies.

Watch a Movie

Choose a Saturday night or a Sunday morning, get into your cosiest pyjamas (Christmas-themed if possible!) and settle in to watch a kid-friendly Christmas flick. Some of our favourite classics include A Charlie Brown Christmas, Dr Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas and It’s a Wonderful Life.

Make Advent Calendars

Depending on time and craftiness abilities, making advent calendars can range from using toilet paper rolls to getting into the shed and building an impressive wooden structure, sawing out holes for every day of the month. Regardless, your kids will be happy as Larry creating their very own advent calendars, plus it’s a great way to move away from chocolates and instead use small toys or homemade gifts to countdown the days.

Write Letters to Santa

The excitement of writing a letter to Santa is something every child should experience. Spend twenty minutes transcribing your child’s message into a beautiful letter to Santa: you’ll be surprised how much this means to them.

Donate to Children in Need

It’s never too early to teach the art of giving. Get the kids to help you search your house for toys that are no longer used and donate them to charity. Explaining that there are less fortunate children can give your kids empathy and compassion while also doing good for children in need.

Think Experiences, Not Gifts

A great idea is to come up with a family experience in the place of one gift. Spending quality time on a boat ride, a family walk in a new location or a trip to the zoo is a nice shift from the usual present-focused feel of the holiday season.

We at Learning Tree in Silverdale are lucky to experience the festive season through the eyes of our young ones and we hope our tips help spread the joy!

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